It’s all about the people and the relationships.

We’d be hard pressed to find any successful entrepreneur who accomplished great things on her own. This message rings true in real estate and especially in large multifamily syndications where the majority of the apartment complexes are sold and bought through existing relationships. These deals happen between investing teams that have close relationships or unique connections to one other. Breaking into this space becomes a collaborative effort and furthermore, becoming successful in this space requires continued team work.

We certainly can’t tackle any given deal, let alone a market, without the support and effort from our team. That’s why after the market research a core part of our investment is focused on working with an operations team that is physically present in the city. We use forums such as Bigger Pockets to personally connect with operators, investors, property managers, brokers, lenders, contractors, attorneys, and residents within our market to understand their perspective. We often visit our markets not just to check on our properties but to continue fostering relationships with our team. From having lunch with our brokers to gifting the latest business book to our mentors, we believe nothing can replace the human face-to-face interaction. This huge investment of time leads to greater trust, growth, and ultimately positive results.

After our market research and team, we stick to a set of requirements for any deal.