Connecting investors with the right opportunities

We work with our sponsors to review every item throughout the underwriting and due diligence process. This is where we’ll validate the projections for the property, walk the neighborhoods, review the competitors, and raise questions about the opportunity to help our investors understand the deal.

After we’ve personally reviewed every aspect of the deal, we’ll contact our network of investors with whom we have existing relationships with. We use this time to intently listen to how our investors’ goals have changed since we last spoke and collaboratively discuss how a deal might fit into an investor’s future plans.  Just because there’s a deal to be had doesn’t mean it’s the right deal for every investor. We focus on making sure our investors have the time horizon required for the current deal to deliver the value for them. At this point we would introduce the details of a current deal with an investor, reviewing the opportunity and answering their unique questions about the property, the business, and the team.

We love to listen and learn from our investors. To connect with us, express your interest by contacting us or schedule a short call.