We’re not on podcasts, and we don’t host meetups because we focus all of our attention on building personal relationships with our investors. So much so that 70% of folks who wrote us checks on our recent acquisition were returning investors—people whom invested in multiple deals with us. 

See what some of them had to say when we asked them for candid feedback. Note we used stock photos below out of respect for our investors’ privacy.

Tommy, Ben, Sam, and the entire team have been incredible to work with. In these market conditions, it’s more important than ever to diversify your personal portfolio, yet harder to allocate capital into real estate without deep due diligence. As someone with a busy career in technology, I knew I didn’t want to take this on alone and needed trusted partners. First Chair and WhiteHaven have been just that, from making transparent their macro views on the market and regional dynamics, to clearly spelling out a tested playbook for a local market, all the way to day-to-day transactions and updates. All of these have contributed to the shared successes we’ve had on multiple deals, and I’m excited for future ones.


VP of Product in tech

We’re grateful to have found this team. After feeling fatigued from managing our own rentals, the team allowed us take a more passive approach as a limited partner while continuing to invest in real estate. As of 2021 we have invested in three different syndications (one of which was earlier this year). Of the three, we have successfully exited two. Having seen two full cycles (both which sold within two years of our initial investment), we can unequivocally vouch that they know what they are doing, and that they do it very well. Thank you to the team for being a partner in helping us reach our investment goals. We plan to continue to work with them as a part of our portfolio as long as we can.

Ake & Erika


When I first considered investing with First Chair, everything I could see on the site looked great, but I wanted to meet the team in person. They took the time out of their schedule to meet with me in Phoenix and explain their business model as well as give me a tour of the properties currently in the pipeline. From the time I touched down to the time I took off I was impressed with the character of the people involved. They specifically made it a point not to “sell me”, but instead was more interested in who I was as an investor. Of course the team is highly knowledgeable about the area, specific about the plans for each fund, and organized in their execution, but what stood out to me the most was the attention they paid to who I was as an investor and what my needs were. I invested in 3 funds. One of which turned around in 18 months with a higher return than projected. I would HIGHLY recommend investing with First Chair and WhiteHaven Capital.



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