Investing in your local communities

We want to spotlight the resident community at our apartments, specifically our residents of color, and how they need our ongoing support beyond a remodeled apartment unit.

We’ve been processing the injustices that our Black and Brown friends have been facing for hundreds of years. We felt compelled to educate ourselves further and take action to support these communities in their fight for equality. Our goal in sharing these ideas with you isn’t to applaud ourselves—we know we play a role in gentrifying neighborhoods—but to encourage you to also use your time and resources to support your own community.

Three things you can do in one evening:

  • Grab your next nonfiction or fiction novel from this Black-owned bookstore. Our first exposure to real estate was Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Did you have a first investment book?
  • Order your next meal from a Black-owned restaurant in the Bay Area or LA.
  • Donate to your local food bank so unemployed families can supplement their groceries. We’ve personally worked with, and can vouch for, the food banks in SF, LA, and Phoenix.

Thanks for reading.

Below are a few additional resources we’ve found helpful if you’re looking to do more this summer.

  • Register to vote so you have a voice in your local government.
  • Watch the free documentary 13th to learn a few things about the history of our country.
  • Sign petitions that you care about on—such as justice for Breonna Taylor.

Is this strategy for me?

You won't know until you learn more.

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